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granola‎ ‎loaded‎ ‎with‎‎‎ fiber so‎ ‎you‎ feel + look‎ your best

Simple Ingredients With a BIG Impact

Our Microbiomes thrive when we feed them with the right foods, more specifically FIBER. I have carefully selected ingredients that not only taste good, but make us feel good!


My Story...

I am a true believer that food is medicine. I experienced it myself when I was diagnosticated with PCOS, a metabolic and hormonal imbalance that affects women’s cycles and therefore fertility. In 2018, when I was ready to get pregnant, my body was not ready and I panicked… My doctor who knew that I only wanted to have kids the natural way recommended to see a very special nutritionist. Thanks to her a year later I was able to deliver my miracle baby.

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“The single greatest predictor of a healthy gut microbiome is the diversity of plants in one’s diet.”

Dr. Rob Knight

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What People Are Saying

Love starting my day on a healthy note

“It is hard to find granola that’s totally delicious and completely healthy but Gut Loving Foodz has done it! Love starting my day on a healthy note and this granola is my absolute favorite”  

Christiane R.

My Go-To

"Gut Loving Foodz granola is my go-to quick meal. It fills me up and keeps me satisfied for a long time! Unlike other granola, it is packed with only clean ingredients yet seriously tastes like a special treat. I’ve tried all the flavors and each one is absolutely delicious - highly recommend!"

Abbey W.

Best Granola on the Market

“Hands down the best granola on the market! I never expected something so healthy to be so addicting! My kids love it too.” 

Jennifer A.


“Zulamy’s granola is fantastic! It’s filling and tasty, but the best part is how I can truly feel good about the health benefits of the food I am eating.” 

Rachel H.

Excellent addition to our meals in the morning

"...I have tried granolas from every major retailer, they are either the wrong consistency, have a weird smell, or are too sugary. I’m so happy I found Gut loving Foodz granola. These products have natural, clean ingredients that taste delicious and make an excellent addition to our meals in the morning or whenever I’m on the go."

Vanessa M.

Best One I Have Tried

"I love granola and this is the Best one I have tried! So delicious and such a great flavor! It is hard to put it down once I open the bag! Plus it's healthy."

Sonia B.

Gut Loving Foodz Granola is a new favorite!!

"It is a challenge to find a true tasty granola that isn’t loaded with fake sweeteners. Until this came along! I add it to my yogurt, fruit salad, oatmeal for a bit of crunch, or eat it as is for a quick bite. Simple, healthy ingredients and a nice crunch keep me reordering this. So yummy and nutritious, highly recommended!!"

Carolina N.

Review for Gut Loving Foodz:

"I cannot say enough good things about this product! You can taste the high quality of the ingredients with every bite, all while knowing you are eating something that is so good for your body. The texture is perfect and the flavors are fantastic! This granola beats everything on the shelf and is the perfect addition to any breakfast or snack."


Best granola i’ve ever had

"This is seriously the best granola i’ve ever had!  Once I tried the sample, I was hooked! I have it for breakfast & for my nighttime snack, it pairs so good with some yogurt, fruit & honey! The crunchiness & freshness is the best out there!"

Yasmin C